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Joggling Boards

To Shake or Totter; To Slip out of Place

Many Charlestonians can tell you there is nothing quite like the soothing motion of a joggling board. The boards are a tradition that has been around for almost 200 years. The springy wooden plank sits on two end frames that rock. For fun, relaxation or playing, a joggling board can be used for many things today, just as our ancestors used them long ago. You can have a piece of Charleston history on your own front porch.
Each Joggling Board is hand crafted and custom made for you.
  • 6-12 ft. Joggling Board        $375
  • 14 ft. Joggling Board           $420
  • 16 ft. Joggling Board           $495
All joggling board sets come complete with two rocker legs, deck board and pegs. The joggling boards are painted "Charleston Green." Other colors may be substituted, but this will affect the price. There is $50 deduction for unpainted joggling boards. Prices don't include shipping costs. Joggling boards can be shipped anywhere from our business: Hollywood, SC 29449. We will be glad to quote shipping costs.
We accept all major credit cards. Please allow manufacturing and shipping time of three to four weeks.